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"Anne" (a.k.a. <u><a href="">"nerdy-girl-in-glasses" wallpaper</a></u>)

Christian Hankel[edit]

On Snowden:

"It's odd that you feel that a "sub-thread" should be read completely out of context of the larger thread in which it appears, a thread which in this case is almost entirely about Greenwald and Assange being manipulators and Snowden being a traitor/dupe." — Christian Hankel


"I have never said there was any proof that Martin was a racist." — James1754

"Please answer my question. The liberal tactic of attacking the questioner does not work for me." — James1754

john doe[edit]

"Two guys kissing? That's gross!" — john doe


"I think Zimmerman acted in self defense and the jury found him innocent, but in my opinion you are taking it a little too far. There is no evidence Martin was a thug." — EG


"Ok check back in 2 weeks. You. See what is what... I will be here. Prism was used politically illegally and with vengance in mind." – DemCrazyLies

Hugh Everett[edit]

"All I care about derailing Obama’s agenda, and damaging his legacy" - Hugh Everett

And there we have it. Never mind if it is good for the nation or not, as long as it serves the above your good with it.

Thanks for the honest admission.


"Shouldn"t lies and misdirection be frowned upon by TPM?" – Howienica

"I live in Nicaragua." - Howienica

"No Fox News on cable." - Howienica



"Yes, I did study Constitutional law and I received straight A's." - PBALABAMA

Hard Little Machine[edit]

"I really don't care what you or anyone else thinks at all, ever, in the least." - Hard Little Machine


"Gross, corpulent RINO Christie should be on the Joisey shore stuffing blintzes in his flabby face." — Stoneyjack