Nader responsible for Gore losing in 2000

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Imagine that four cars run the stop signs at a four way stop at the same time and kill a pedestrian who's caught in the center of their pile-up. If any one of them had obeyed the stop sign, the pedestrian might well have been able to dodge out of the way before they all hit. None of the drivers, however, will be heard to say they aren't responsible because the pedestrian might have lived but for the negligence of the other three. And the pedestrian's widow has every moral right to be aggrieved at all four drivers.

This is the problem with the "it wasn't Nader's fault" theory. Yes it was.

It was also the fault of Kit Seelye, Cici Connally and the rest of the poison pen brigade in the press, the Gore campaign's decision to pull resources out of Florida and put them in Ohio at a critical time and then to not do a full recount of the state, the Democratic Palm Beach County official who failed to consider that many of her voters were people who were particularly susceptible to being confused by new things, and the Supreme Court. Each of those actors bears full moral responsibility for the consequences of their actions. And so does Nader and everyone who voted for him in Florida.

Which, of course, has nothing to do with this story or my comment. NCSteve