Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate

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Democrats never had a technical 60 person majority in the Senate at any point in time while President Obama has been in office.

In 2009 there were 60 Senators who caucused with the Democrats for all of 47 days, the number of days between when Al Franken was sworn in after the lengthy recount fight with Norm Coleman and the day when Ted Kennedy died of cancer.

Even then, the Senate was only in session for 21 days between July 7th, 2009 when Al Franken was sworn in and August 25th the day Kennedy died. Furthermore Kennedy was out of the Senate the entire time because he was dying of brain cancer and was never present in the Senate, and had not cast a vote in the Senate a full 4 months before Franken was even sworn in.

And even if somehow Kennedy was wheeled in while he was dying, you could only get to 60 voted and that's only if you count on Joe Lieberman for that 60th vote, and he actively campaigned for the GOP ticket in the election that seated the 111th Congress.